Miracle happens every day, I mean those we can’t really explain how this happens.
We hear quite often those things that gets under our skin. Because it’s not ours we forget it.

God has promised that HE cares for us and for those they really need it comes often in form as a miracle us you would see below.

Since May 1981 as I asked Jesus Christ to come into my life and rule it. Happens a lot supernatural things for that on one hand there is no explanation how could this possible happen. On the other hand a just shaking heads of unbelievable

Lot friends told me “Rolli sometime I get bit jealous what and how God works in your live”. Even tough I often had to motioned that with my ADHD there was not an easy live in the past… even today. For this world I’m mister nobody that’s why I guess it is the reason why God gives me so much
“And God also selected (deliberately chose) what in the world is lowborn and insignificant and branded and treated with contempt, even the things that are nothing, that He might depose and bring to nothing the things that are,” 1st Corinthians 1;28

Here are some of those miracles that became a blessing for others too. That maybe not important what importance they have and has. Some of them people still speaking today about this.

Locked door opened

In the same year just after I gave my live into the hands of Christ, I left for 5 month for Australia and stayed in the flat from my brother in Sydney.
Every day I walked out of the house to do some short daytrip.
Normally I left my key and wallet in my trouser pocket. Not so this morning because I changed it and left it in my dirty one.
I left the flat and just as I heard the door felt into the lock, I touched my pocket and recognize that I had nothing with me.
Just a second later I pressed against the door – but it was to late. It was locked. I walked around the house if there was an open window I could climb.
Even tough there was an open one, the house was build on a cliff and it was like climbing 23 floors high. Impossible to climb in the window.

There I got hungry but of course no cent to buy something and because it was 10 am I can’t wait till 5 pm when my brother comes back from work.

So I start to pray “please Jesus, help me”. Somehow I thought pushing against the door, but it was locked.
Than again, but this time there I had same believe God will do something.
“Jesus I know you could open locked doors” At the same time I pushed.
Then I heard like a voice told me “let go”. Instantly I took my hand back for a second but pushed again with the result the door open it.
There are some people told me, because of the instant pressure and the stop for a second could open it. Perhaps I don’t know I’m no expert.
for me it was a miracle

Insoluble calculation
or God’s calculator

Surly you had some invoices to pay in which you didn’t know from where you get the money from.
So it came to me that I got my salary. Instantly I wrote down what I have to pay.
Finally I calculate 1900, but there I forgot something.
Then it came to my mind and instantly it gave me a chill, the tithe makes 200. I wasn’t a Christian that long.
So I came to the result that I only have 100 left.
I wrote down this 200 after all and sure the calculation was 2100.
I went through the list to see where I could cut, but there wasn’t anything to take away, So I asked God if I could give 100 only instead.
HE said, “Surly you could leave the whole lot, but try to but the tithe on the top.”
I smiled, is it God who told me, I thought?
Even I knew the result I obeyed and set this 200 on the top – “no, I made a mistake” I said loud. So I got my calculator and typed it in again. Even the calculator came to the result of 1900.
“What’s happen here, I cried laud”
. I took the tithe after all and came to exactly the same result as before of 2100.
I screaming laud and said “I really get insane”. My mother came in the living room and asked me what’s happen.
I showed her my both calculation without any comment. She calculates and came on both to the same result as I got.
I asked her how that is possible and told her what God recommend me to do.
She said, “Rolli, take it as it is, if God will provide you in this way because you put HIM on first place, take all the invoices and pay it, the guy at the counter will tell you if it is right or wrong”
So I did, the guy at the counter told me “1900”
Here I saw and see, if you put God on first place HE will bless you.

Favourite Drink

Daytrip again in Sydney, except the weekly travel pass there I had nothing with me not even a cent to buy a drink in this heat.
If you know the City Rail in Sydney you know there is at the most platforms drink spender where you could drink from.
Next to this they sometime provide vending machine for cold drinks. Even tough there was one I had no money to buy one. So I only could dream of my favourite drink of a “red creaming soda”.
As long I wait for the train I walked along the platform and saw at such a vending machine a cup.
I thought to myself, what person left an empty cup at there and don’t throw it to the bin near by.
I want to do so, and took the cup and what a surprise, the cup was full of my favourite drink.
Our God provides a spoilt Swiss as I am not just with chlorine stinky water.

Start up with empty battery

As usual I parked my car not at the customers parking.
So I left my car without caring if I turned the light of.
As soon I was at my workplace I already got costumer after customer so the time is running as I heard through the speaker that the car with number such has still the light on.
Ops, this was my car but I can’t just go because I just was on a customer.
As I came to my car the light was gone so I knew that I have no power.
To see it is true, I want start the engine. No way. So I left back for work. As I got a break I went back to my car to see what’s happen.
During this time the flat battery got a bit time to recover, but not enough to start the car. I asked my workmate to help me, before we close.

As we left for home I thought I will take another try before I call him. So I sit in to the car and try without any success. I thought try again through prayer, but still no chance. I prayed; “please Lord you could put in all you power and let start the car.” During my prayer of about two minutes I laid hands on the board and at the same time I turned the key.
Then something that it never did before and never after this time.
It starts right away with the first go. Often it needs 3-5 turns but never at one. Even my new car today can’t do this.

Flight confirmed

I was on the request to translate a book from Joyce Meyer into German language. For this reason I want to be sure if nobody else would already is on the translation. Who could this better know as Joyce herself.
So I got in contact with her and she recommend to come to USA and speak with her.
I don’t really like USA but because I already was twice in Los Angeles and because she told me come to Anaheim where is a convention with Joyce at 26.th to 28th which was not as far from Chino. So I knew where I go.

So I went to my regular travel agent to book a flight for July 25th. Unfortunately the lady said that this flight is full and recommend a flight at 22nd.
I said no, I has to go at 25th. She told me that this is impossible because the waiting list is that long that won’t be free in two weeks.
I told her to book it but leave me on the waiting list.

The next day at 9 am she called me. “Mr Screta something impossible happens, the first thing this morning I did was to going through the waiting list and saw that you sit got confirmed.” I said to her, “I know, I told you I could fly at the 25th”. She said; “why, I don’t have a clue why”. I told her; “Listen I am a Christian and God told me to go at 25th that’s why I knew that there will be a sit left for me, and if HE tells me to go HE will make it possible”

I don’t know if this lady heard me, I just heard again and again, why this possible could happen.

Even I do not came together with Joyce Meyer makes this even stanger.

There was no Frequent Flyer Program which brought me in favour and I not even paid the flight with a credit card in which I overtook all the people on the waiting list.

Years later as I booked a flight to Australia I came to another lady and told her this story. She said astonished “Ah, you are this guy!”

Favourite Veggies

Once again in a ministry work in New Zealand. I had a favour and could live for a little rent in a house during the owner left the winter for Europe Once more the money from Switzerland had a detour and did not arrive as it should. So I was hungry
As the usual walk to the tourist office I talked with Christ and told HIM this things I got on my heart. I also told HIM; “You know, I really like to get my favourite veggies again.
The only person who knows what my favourite vegetable is, might be my mother who right now is about 185’000 km far away
As I came back about three hours later I saw a box on the porch.
Of course I looked inside and saw full packed with vegetable and as a surprise my favourite veggies fresh from a garden.

God knows my memory long time before I will think it. So HE could make it possible that exact on this day I pray at the just the hour will be on the porch.

Five Dollar missed

A year later at the same place in New Zealand. I was renting a nice house.
At a day it was raining very strong so I saw the roof had a leak.
I thought to fix it myself. For this reason I went to a farmer shop to buy something but I only had 70 cent. The cheapest was 6 Dollar more I had.
Disappointed I walked to the supermarket to see what idea helps me to fix.
In the supermarket I saw the same item for one dollar less, even though I still need fie Dollars.
So I left the supermarket and thought; “Lord I still need 5 Dollars” without thinking about the alternative.
Few seconds later I heard somebody knocking at the window from the supermarket and shows me to come back. Back at the checkout a lady from the church gave me five dollars and said, “the LORD told me to give it to you.
So I could buy exactly this item to fix the roof.

Free car, free house

Short weeks later the money from Switzerland still is waiting and on the top of that someone told me her support off because she’s getting not that much paid money anymore.
I calculate that I can’t pay the rent for this house anymore.
Few minute later an old friend from another church came along.
He asking me if I once come and visit the Vineyard church again.
I told him that I don’t have a car, he meant that he got a car which I could have, he just has to replace the windscreen. I said that I don’t have the money to pay.
He said; “No, I don’t mean you have to pay for it or the Windscreen, I just say it you have to wait until I have replaced the windscreen, and then you could have it for free.
Then I also told him that I maybe have to go back to Switzerland. And told him the bad news.
He found a way out. “I have a house here in town, if you are willing to mow the loan regularly you could live in for free.

Paid groceries

Back in Switzerland. Of course there is no ministry service and so I can’t ask for support. Even though as an ex Swiss abroad I and get not a Job I can ask for support from the government.
Because I’m somebody without an education the support will be not as high as usual.

If you are between jobs you usually have much time to search for groceries which are in clearance sale.
I already knew what time what supermarket put down the prices for those items. Without a clue that my pastor from the church I join is shopping at the same tim in the same supermarket I met him during walking in the aisle.

Without telling him why I’m specific in this supermarket he says; “Rolli take everything you need, I’ll pay.

You have to know, this supermarket wasn’t close to each one of us and this was not even a large one that you could think to meet each other.

Even though throughout the years a lot of those or similar miracle I learned God to trust that HE will makes impossible things possible. It seams so that I even aspect it that God makes miracles. So I often had hard discussion about this issue, because many can’t understand why I do expect from God such things.
So I expecting this because God has promised us – even more HE demand us cast our burdens to HIM as you can read it in Psalm 55; 22 “Cast your burden on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be moved (made to slip, fall, or fail).” Because HE knows that we can’t change our bad things into good as long we worries. Instead we even make it worse.
Please ask yourself; have you ever changed a situation in that you worried about your bad situation you are in. NO you even get sick.

The following miracle affects not just me rather then my whole family und it continues up to date and even further.

The Rose or rosy (bedded on roses, rosy days )

This starts actually on the train ride to a conference, as Jeny and I join to. During the ride Jeny said, "You know, I like to spend to my Family something for the Eastern Time, but it costs us CHF 200 which we can't afford.
I said; "in case to the others we are bit better bedded on roses".
"Bedded on Roses, or Rosy days" We discuss this until we are arrived.

At the conference a well known pastor spoke about that Christians should help each others. So everybody could her offer to do this in a practical way. "Those of you who got financial needs should come to the front. Jeny sent me. We both thought that they simply will be pray for us.

Then this pastor said, "The Rest of all could now bless them financially"

After a slow start more and more people even building a cue in front of me and handed me 10, 20 or even 50 note Swiss Francs and Euros. But the most astonished things happened. A lady came to me gave me a rose (I was the only one). I thought what that should be.
A lady gives a rose to a man?
I ask God and HE answered. "From now on you would will have rosy days"
And so happens till today we never had a lack of needs. We always had enough and we even could bless others.
The highlight came one year later as we got a beautiful daughter. Even higher costs of living we are still have rosy days